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Remote radiator for gas generators / gas engines

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Remote radiator for gas generators / gas engines

The gas generator remote radiator is a heat sink for gas generating sets that keeps the heat generated by the generator away from the operating position of the set and distributes it into the surrounding environment. The main function of the remote radiator is to effectively reduce the temperature of the gas generator set, ensuring its proper operation and efficient performance.

A remote radiator typically consists of the following components:

Radiator core: This is the main component of the remote radiator and is usually constructed with copper tubes and aluminium fins. The heat generated by the gas generator flows through the tubes in the radiator core and the fins increase the surface area of the radiator, providing greater heat exchange.

Fans: Remote radiators are usually equipped with electric fans to provide air flow through the air ducts in the radiator core. The wind generated by the fan helps to speed up the dispersion of heat and carry away hot air.

Ducts and piping: Remote radiators are usually equipped with appropriate ducts and piping to ensure the flow and distribution of hot air to locations away from the generator set. The design of the ducts and pipework needs to take into account the resistance to air flow and effective heat dissipation.

Control systems: Some remote radiators are also equipped with control systems to monitor and control the operation of the radiator. These control systems can automatically adjust the speed of the fan according to the temperature and load of the generator set to ensure the efficiency of the radiator and the proper operation of the generator set.

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The remote radiators effectively reduce the temperature of the generator set by keeping heat away from the gas generator set, improving the efficiency and reliability of the generator set. This is particularly important for gensets operating for long periods of time and under high loads, to avoid overheating and breakdowns and to extend the life of the equipment.

When installing a remote radiator, it needs to be properly designed and installed according to the specific genset specifications and environmental conditions to ensure the performance and effectiveness of the radiator. In addition, regular cleaning and maintenance of the remote radiator is an important step in maintaining its good thermal performance.


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