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Plate heat exchanger for ships

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Plate heat exchanger for ships

Product introduction: Plate heat exchanger is one of the indispensable and important equipment widely used in marine turbines. The special plate heat exchanger for ships is a more effective and reliable plate heat exchanger developed for the working conditions of the ship industry, and has been widely used in ship turbines.

Main applications: central cooler, cylinder jacket water cooler, engine cooler, main engine cooler, circulating water cooler, seawater preheater, waste heat recovery device, seawater desalination main engine, air conditioning heater, fuel oil preheating, marine lubrication Oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, diesel oil and other oil cooling will use the plate heat exchanger.

Marine Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger (3)

Product parameters:

Pressure range: no more than 2.5MPa

Maximum processing capacity: 1500㎥/h

Minimum processing capacity: 1㎥/h

Assembly area range: 800㎡

General range of temperature: -50-180°C

Maximum interface: DN350

Minimum interface: DN32

Heat load: 10MW

Plate thickness: 0.5-0.8mm


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