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Main ways of utilising industrial waste heat

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Main ways of utilising industrial waste heat

Industrial waste heat utilisation refers to the thermal energy generated during the industrial production process, which will be wasted if not recycled. In order to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy waste, industrial waste heat can be utilised in a number of ways. The following are the main ways in which industrial waste heat can be utilised:

Power generation: Industrial waste heat can be used to generate electricity. Through waste heat recovery equipment, high temperature industrial waste gas or hot water is converted into steam, which then drives a steam turbine generator to produce electricity.

Refrigeration and air conditioning: Industrial waste heat can be used for refrigeration and air conditioning. Through absorption refrigeration technology, waste heat is converted into cold energy and used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to reduce cooling energy consumption.

Main ways of utilising industrial waste heat

Heating: Industrial waste heat can be used for heating. The waste heat is transferred to the city's heating network or other heating equipment needed in the industrial production process, replacing the traditional fuel heating method and reducing energy consumption.

Production process heat recovery: Heat generated during industrial production can be recovered and utilised in the same process. For example, in the steel smelting process, high temperature exhaust gases can be recycled for preheating furnace materials.

Steam or hot water supply: Industrial waste heat can be used to provide steam or hot water to meet the energy needs of other production processes, reducing external energy consumption.

Steam Absorption Heat Pumps: Waste heat is used to drive steam absorption heat pumps, which convert low-temperature waste heat into high-temperature heat for industrial processes or other uses.

Dehydration and drying: Industrial waste heat can be used in dewatering and drying processes, for example in paper manufacturing or food processing, to increase productivity and save energy.

Greenhouse heating: Industrial waste heat is utilised to heat greenhouses, providing suitable climatic conditions for agricultural production.

The way in which industrial waste heat is utilised varies depending on the type of industry, the amount of heat generated and the temperature at which it needs to be utilised. Choosing the appropriate waste heat recovery and utilisation method requires comprehensive consideration of technical feasibility, economic efficiency and environmental impact. The effective use of industrial waste heat not only improves energy efficiency, but also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable development.


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