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How to install the ceiling-mounted air conditioning unit?

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How to install the ceiling-mounted air conditioning unit correctly?

The ceiling-mounted air conditioning unit is composed of a mixing section, a filter section, a surface cooling section, a humidifier section, and a centrifugal fan section. The cooling water is evaporated by the air conditioner evaporator, and the heat transfer is modified according to the centrifugal fan. Compact structure, light weight, suitable for hoisting installation on the roof, reducing the installation room space. There are various air supply methods, and the introduction of a fresh air system can reasonably improve air quality. There are separate cold-proof bridges and sealing countermeasures.

Ceiling-type air conditioning units should be placed on a large mud basin with a height of 50~100mm. One meter of indoor space must be left on one side of the wall. The punch plan needs to be leveled. Each action section is connected with screws, and the middle is sealed with polyurethane foam high-pressure polyethylene to avoid air infiltration. Ceiling-mounted air conditioning units are generally transported in sections and assembled on site.

Before installing the ceiling-mounted air-conditioning unit, take down the product manual and the loading certificate, check the reliability of each component, clean, clean, grease each component, and check the coordination of rotating parts such as electric dampers, centrifugal fans, etc. ability. Drainage ditch should be buried around the surface cooling section to drain the condensed water. The inlet and outlet of the condensate should be equipped with an exhaust valve elbow, and the height-to-width ratio of the exhaust valve should be 50-100mm.

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