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How a Dry Cooler Works?

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A dry cooler, also known as an air-cooled heat exchanger, is a cooling system that uses ambient air to cool a fluid (usually water or refrigerant). It works like this.

Fluid flows through a series of tubes or pipes within the dry cooler.

As ambient air is drawn into the ducts, it absorbs heat from the fluid inside the ducts. This heat transfer occurs through the walls of the tubes that act as heat exchangers.

The heated air is then discharged from the unit, usually through a fan or group of fans.

As the fluid cools, it can be recirculated back into the system it is cooling, such as a chiller or industrial process.

Dry coolers are particularly useful in environments where water is scarce or expensive, or where water-based cooling systems are not practical due to space constraints or regulatory issues. They are commonly used in data centres, industrial applications and HVAC systems.

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