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How Does Ripening Air Cooler Work?

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Current trends indicate that consumers expect to get ripe, high-quality fruits throughout the year.

The ripening process of fruits (bananas, avocados, mangos and tropical fruits) needs to create the best conditions for the proper ripening of the fruits.

Vrcoolertech CST Ripening air cooler

The main principle of ripening is to produce a balanced airflow, so that the fruit will gradually and evenly ripen in a limited space.

These confined spaces are equipped with Ripening air coolers with a large heat transfer area to limit the dehydration and loss of raw materials.

The maturity cycle lasts 3 to 5 days.

Vrcoolertech provides packaged, tailor-made fruit ripening solutions that combine air treatment and energy production.

As a refrigeration expert, Vrcoolertech can design environmentally friendly devices (natural refrigerant systems: NH3 and CO2) and is committed to optimizing overall energy consumption.

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