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How Does A Charge Air Cooler Work?

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A charge air cooler, commonly referred to as an intercooler, is a type of heat exchanger that is frequently used in supercharged and turbocharged engines to cool compressed air before it enters the combustion chamber.

The charge air cooler functions by cooling compressed air from the turbocharger or mechanical supercharger using outside air. The charge air cooler contains a number of finned tubes that the ambient air is driven through while the compressed air travels through them. The finned tubes absorb heat from the compressed air and transmit it to the ambient air.

Reduced temperature caused by the compressed air passing through the tubes causes an increase in density and an increase in oxygen content. The combustion chamber of the engine may then be filled with this denser, colder air, resulting in a greater air-fuel ratio and more effective combustion.

In general, the charge air cooler aids in boosting the engine's output and efficiency while lowering the danger of explosions and engine damage brought on by overheating.

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