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gea charge air cooler

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charge air cooler complete with water covers for the MAN 9L32/40 engine as per the enclosed spect.Cooler type : GEA 77/26/9+12/2, Copper fins,90/10 CuNi and coated steel tube plates



What is a marine engine charge air cooler?

What role does an air cooler play in a marine engine?What is a charge ai cooler?A charge air cooler is used to cool engine air after it has passed through a turbocharger but before it enters the engine.This is their primary function. The goal is to cool the air so that the combustion process within



How Does A Charge Air Cooler Work?

A charge air cooler, commonly referred to as an intercooler, is a type of heat exchanger that is frequently used in supercharged and turbocharged engines to cool compressed air before it enters the combustion chamber.The charge air cooler functions by cooling compressed air from the turbocharger or



Charge Air Cooler With New Design

The original charge air cooler are normally use tube fin, expanding type. Now VRcooler delevoped a new type of charge air cooler with finned tube. It can stand higher pressure, long working life.



Charge Air Cooler For Power Plant

Our charge air cooler for power plant is ready. It also called engine air cooler, made of copper and nickel tube, copper fin.



What Is The Purpose Of Charge Air Cooler?

From exhaust from engine used to compress the fresh air in the turbocharger, let the air charge in the engine under a pressuree higher then ambient. The compression result in higher air temperature, so you can't supply to the engine directly, because it is beyond the limit.Therefore, installed a coo

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