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Heat Recovery for Generator Sets in Jenbacher

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Heat Recovery for Generator Sets in Jenbacher

Jenbacher is an Austrian manufacturer of gensets specialising in the production of highly efficient gas-fired gensets.Jenbacher gensets are based on internal combustion engine technology and use natural gas or other gases as fuel to generate electricity.

In the process of generating electricity, a large amount of waste heat is produced, and in order to increase the efficiency of power generation, the gensets need to be equipped with a heat recovery system.

Vrcoolertech provides aftermarket radiator and heat recovery replacements for Jenbacher's gensets.

Jenbacher's heat recovery systems utilise the waste heat generated by the internal combustion engine and convert it into useful energy, increasing the overall energy efficiency. This waste heat can then be used for heating, cooling or other industrial purposes, resulting in energy reuse and savings. Common heat recovery technologies include:

1. Heat exchangers: Jenbacher generator sets are usually equipped with heat exchangers, through which the waste heat produced by the internal combustion engine can be transferred to other media (e.g. water or air) for heating or heating water, etc.

Heat Recovery for Generator Sets in Jenbacher

2. Steam generators: In some applications, the waste heat can be used to generate steam, which in turn can be used to heat or drive a steam turbine generator.

3. Refrigeration systems: Some Jenbacher generator sets use waste heat to drive refrigeration systems for refrigeration and air conditioning.

The use of heat recovery systems helps to improve the energy efficiency of Jenbacher generator sets, reducing energy waste, lowering operating costs and having less impact on the environment. This is in line with the goal of sustainable development, making the power generation process more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. The heat recovery system is therefore an important part of the Jenbacher genset, providing the customer with an even more attractive power generation solution.


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