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Heat Recovery System for Incinerator

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An incinerator heat recovery system is a system that recovers energy by recovering it from the heat generated during the incineration process. Incinerators are typically used to treat waste or biomass and generate a large amount of heat during the combustion process. This heat is usually lost, but with a heat recovery system, this heat can be converted into a useful form.

Incinerator heat recovery systems work by recovering heat from the flue gases, which can then be used to heat water or generate steam for heating or other industrial processes. Common recovery methods include:

Flue gas heat exchanger: This is a device used to recover heat from the flue gas. The flue gas contains heat at high temperatures, and by bringing the flue gas into contact with a heat transfer medium, such as water or another fluid, some of this heat can be transferred to the heat transfer medium to warm it up. This heat medium can then be used to heat buildings, produce steam or for other industrial purposes.

Waste heat boilers: This type of system converts the waste heat from flue gases into steam or hot water, which can then be used for heating or other industrial processes. With waste heat boilers, the energy consumption of the incinerator can be significantly reduced and the energy efficiency of the entire system can be improved.

These systems can significantly reduce energy wastage in the incineration process, reduce environmental impact and save energy costs in industrial production.

heat recovery system for incinerator


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