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HVAC systems' AHU (air handling unit) cooling coil

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HVAC systems' AHU (air handling unit) cooling coil

One form of heat exchanger used in HVAC systems to cool and dehumidify the air moving through the unit is called an AHU (air handling unit) cooling coil. The cooling coil is usually found within the air handling unit (AHU), and it is attached to a chiller or other cooling system that pumps chilled water through the coil to remove heat from the air passing over it.

Depending on the exact application and the cooling requirements of the space being served, AHU cooling coils are available in a number of sizes and configurations. The coils are commonly built of aluminum or copper tubing with copper or aluminum fins, and they are intended to offer effective heat transfer while minimizing pressure drop and energy consumption.

It's vital to take into account a number of considerations while choosing an AHU cooling coil, including:

The cooling load of the space being served should be taken into consideration while choosing the cooling coil's capacity. The quantity of heat produced by the equipment and lights, as well as the size and direction of the area, will all be taken into account when calculating this.

Airflow: To guarantee the best possible heat transmission and dehumidification, the airflow rate through the AHU should be carefully managed. The cooling coil should be made to have the necessary cooling capacity while using the least amount of pressure drop and energy.

Material: The cooling coil's material needs to be suitable for the application and environment. Tubing and fins are frequently made of copper and aluminum because they have strong heat transmission characteristics and are corrosion-resistant.

Efficiency: Utilizing cutting-edge materials or coatings, such as hydrophilic coatings, which enhance heat transfer and lessen the accumulation of impurities and debris, can improve the efficiency of the cooling coil.

Maintenance: To ensure long-term performance and save downtime, the cooling coil should be made easy to clean and maintain.

An AHU cooling coil can be chosen and installed to offer efficient and effective cooling and dehumidification for a variety of HVAC applications by taking into account these criteria and working with an experienced HVAC supplier or manufacturer.

HVAC systems' AHU (air handling unit) cooling coil

Material for AHU cooling coils

Depending on the particular use and environment, different materials may be utilized for AHU (air handling unit) cooling coils. Copper and aluminum are the two materials that are most frequently utilized to make AHU cooling coils.

AHU cooling coils frequently employ copper because of its outstanding heat transfer capabilities and high level of corrosion resistance. Copper is a fantastic material for manufacture and installation since it is strong and simple to work with.

AHU cooling coils are frequently made of aluminum because of its lightweight nature and effective heat transfer. Aluminum, however, corrodes more easily and has a shorter lifespan than copper. Aluminum coils can be treated or coated to increase corrosion resistance to solve this problem.

Depending on the unique needs of the application, alternative materials like stainless steel or titanium may occasionally be utilized for AHU cooling coils. In applications where corrosion is a concern, such as in marine or coastal areas, stainless steel may be used.

The unique needs of the application, such as the anticipated working conditions, the needed heat transfer rate, and the possibility of corrosion or other types of damage, should be taken into account when choosing the material for an AHU cooling coil. An AHU cooling coil can be built and installed to offer efficient and effective cooling for a variety of applications by choosing the right material and working with a skilled HVAC supplier or manufacturer.


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