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Free cooling technologies for data centers

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Free cooling is a technique used in data centers to reduce the amount of energy consumed by the cooling system. It involves using cool air from outside to cool data center equipment instead of relying solely on mechanical cooling systems.

The basic idea behind natural cooling is to bring in cool air from outside the data center and use it to cool the IT equipment directly. This is typically done using an air handler or a dedicated cooling system designed for natural cooling. When the outdoor air temperature falls below the internal temperature of the data center, the natural cooling system automatically switches to using outdoor air to cool the data center equipment.

Free cooling is most effective in cooler climates or during cooler seasons. It can help data center operators reduce energy consumption and lower their carbon footprint. However, natural cooling systems can be more complex to design and install than traditional cooling systems, and they may require additional components, such as air filtration and humidity control, to ensure that IT equipment is not damaged.

Some examples of free cooling technologies for data centers include

Air-side energy savings: A technology that bypasses mechanical cooling systems and uses outside air to directly cool the data center.

Water-side energy savings: A technique that uses water to transfer heat from the data center to the outdoor cooling system.

Indirect evaporative cooling: A technique that uses evaporative cooling to reduce the temperature of the outside air before it enters the data center. This is useful in areas with high humidity.

When implementing natural cooling techniques, it is important to carefully consider the design and operation of the data center to ensure that the cooling system is effective and reliable. A qualified professional should be consulted to ensure that the design and installation is appropriate for the requirements of the particular data center.

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