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Forced oil circulation air cooler for transformers

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Forced oil circulation air cooler for transformers

The forced oil circulation air cooler is an efficient cooling system for transformers. In a transformer, a large amount of heat is generated due to the action of the current through the coils and core. In order to maintain the normal operating temperature of the transformer, an effective cooling system is required to dissipate this heat.

The forced oil circulation air cooler is an advanced cooling technology that combines the advantages of oil cooling and air cooling. Its working principle is as follows:

Oil circulation system: An oil circulation system is set up inside the transformer, which consists of pumps and pipelines. The oil circulation system circulates and transports the insulating oil from the transformer to the radiator (air cooler).

Radiator (air cooler): A radiator is a device that distributes heat by natural convection or with the aid of a fan. The oil circulation system transports the hot oil to the radiator, where the oil comes into contact with the air on the surface of the radiator and transfers the heat to the surrounding air through a heat exchange process.

Fan-assisted: In some large transformers, a fan is provided on the radiator to increase the efficiency of heat dissipation. The fan accelerates heat dissipation from the radiator by forcing air convection, thus increasing the cooling effect.

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The forced oil circulation air cooler has higher heat dissipation efficiency and better temperature control than the traditional natural oil cooling system. It is suitable for large transformers or transformers operating under high loads, as the heat generated by the transformer in these cases is larger and requires a stronger cooling capacity. The use of forced oil circulation air coolers ensures that the transformer maintains a stable operating temperature under high loads, extends the life of the equipment, and improves the energy efficiency of the transformer.

Overall, the forced oil circulation air cooler is an efficient and reliable transformer cooling system that is widely used in power systems and industrial fields. When selecting this type of cooling system, it needs to be evaluated and selected based on factors such as the size of the transformer, load requirements and environmental conditions.


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