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Flue gas heat recovery heat exchangers

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Flue gas heat recovery heat exchangers

In industry, high flue gas exhaust temperatures of around 125 to 150°C are common in boilers and around 170°C in lignite boilers, resulting in huge economic losses.

Some power plants, due to the waste of energy caused by high exhaust temperatures, have begun to use flue gas waste heat exchangers to reduce the temperature of the flue gas by a further 40 to 50°C, and have achieved initial results. Its advantages are mainly twofold:

1. flue gas waste heat exchanger can be used to absorb waste heat from the flue gas for heating condensate, to improve the efficiency of the unit;

2. the exhaust temperature is reduced, which can make the flue gas in the desulphurization tower into a good state of desulphurization efficiency, greatly reducing the cooling water consumption in the desulphurization tower. Through power plant practice, by using flue gas waste heat exchanger to reduce the exhaust smoke temperature, the coal consumption of power generation can be reduced by 2-3g/kWh.

The role of the flue gas waste heat exchanger is obvious, but the environment in which it works is relatively harsh. This is because the flue gas waste heat exchanger operates at temperatures close to or already below the acid dew point, which can easily cause corrosion. For this reason we usually recommend our customers to use a more corrosion resistant flue gas heat recovery heat exchanger made of stainless steel.

This is a stainless steel flue gas heat recovery heat exchanger that we recently exported to Canada.

The tube runs hot water inside and heats the air.

Classic flared radiator for easy air flow

Material: ALL AISI 304

Tube: Dia 15.88mm, Thickness 1mm

Fin: Thickness 0.0015mm

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