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Flue Gas Air Heat Exchanger

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A Flue Gas Air Heat Exchanger (FGAHE) is a device used to transfer heat from flue gases to the air entering the device for energy recovery and energy conservation. This type of heat exchanger is commonly used in industrial processes such as flue gas treatment systems, boilers, and power plants, as well as a number of applications that require heat recovery from exhaust gases.

The principle of operation of the flue gas and air heat exchanger is as follows:

1. ** Flue gas enters the heat exchanger:

Flue gases are exhaust gases produced by industrial processes, combustion equipment or power plants, etc., which contain a large amount of heat energy.

2. **Air enters the heat exchanger:

Clean intake air is introduced into the heat exchanger.

3. **Heat exchange process:

The heat exchange process between the flue gas and the intake air takes place on the heat exchange surface inside the heat exchanger. Heat energy is transferred from the flue gas to the intake air, warming the intake air.

heat pipe air preheater

4. **Heat Recovery:

The intake air is heated after passing through the heat exchanger, which contributes to the energy efficiency of the process. The heat energy in the exhaust air is recovered, thus reducing energy waste.

5. **Flue gas emission:

During the heat exchange process, the temperature of the flue gas is reduced, which reduces the thermal pollution of the exhaust gas. The cooled flue gas can be further discharged to the atmosphere through the exhaust duct.

Advantages of flue gas and air heat exchangers include:

- **Energy recovery:

This heat exchanger is able to recover thermal energy from the exhaust gas and use it to preheat or heat the air, reducing energy consumption.

- **Energy saving:

By improving energy efficiency, the need for other sources of energy is reduced, thus lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

- **Environmental Protection:

Reduced thermal pollution from exhaust gases, with less impact on the environment.

It should be noted that flue gas may contain different pollutants and particles, so when designing and using a flue gas and air heat exchanger, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the exhaust gas and appropriate purification measures to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the equipment.


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