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Finned Tube Steam Radiators - How air is heated in the production process

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Finned Tube Steam Radiators - How air is heated in the production process

The steam radiator has a pair of inlet and outlet, the inlet is designed in the upper part of the radiator, the steam enters the radiator from the inlet, the steam carries a large amount of latent heat and enters the radiator.

The air inside the radiator passes through the fins on the outside of the tubes. Since there is a large temperature difference between the cold air and the steam, the two work materials with different temperatures are effectively exchanged through the finned tubes of the steam radiator.

After the steam passes through the work material, because a large amount of latent heat carried is absorbed, the high-temperature saturated steam is re-condensed into a vapour-water mixture or condensate, and discharged out of the equipment along the condensate outlet of the steam radiator.

The air that flows through the steam radiator absorbs a large amount of steam heat and warms up from the initial temperature, turning the original ambient air into the high-temperature air required by our process conditions.

In our normal production process, the need for hot air temperature is usually needed to meet the process requirements, so we need to be able to control the temperature of the new air heating, we can control the steam through the speed to achieve the temperature control of the new air, but also through the control of the circulation of the volume of air to achieve the control of the air temperature, which is mainly dependent on the temperature with our way.

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