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Finned Tube Heat Exchanger For Greenhouse

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Winter weather is unusually cold, In some greenhouses, the ambient temperature in the evening is too low, which causes the fruits and vegetables to fall out of the flowers, causing the vegetables to freeze at night. How to improve the evening ambient temperature of greenhouses in the cold winter has become a problem that many growers need to solve.

As a Premium and experienced heat exchanger manufacturer, We do recommend using finned tube heat exchanger in greenhouse.

air cooled heat exchanger for greenhouse

The Air cooled heat exchanger for greenhouse is a special radiator designed for large indoor heating such as greenhouse greenhouses. This product has a large heat dissipation area, light weight, small footprint, beautiful appearance, easy installation, uniform heat dissipation, easy temperature adjustment, and can be arranged and combined in any position in the room as needed, It can be connected in single tube or multiple tubes in parallel for heating.

The length of single tube of greenhouse radiator is usually 6 meters, but the length can be chosen according to the site conditions, and the connection form is flange or standard fillet. 

The greenhouse finned tube radiator is made of high quality carbon steel, with high pressure resistance, and the steel winding piece has good toughness and is not easy to break. Because of the welded flange and then hot dipped galvanized surface treatment inside and outside the tube, the overall corrosion resistance of the radiator is improved, and its service life can be more than 20 years, which is one of the most commonly used radiators for the greenhouse.

finned tube heat exchanger for greenhouse finned tube radiator for greenhouse

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