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Energy-saving effect of finned tube radiator

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Energy-saving effect of finned tube radiator

Finned tube radiators are mainly used in monotonous systems to effectively heat the air. They should be relatively important equipment in the entire hot air device. The most common heat medium for radiators is hot water and steam. Heat transfer oil can be used, and the working pressure of steam will basically not exceed 0.8MPa.

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The temperature of the hot air in the finned tube radiator is kept below 150°C, which is more effective for the use of the equipment and ensures the service life of the equipment. The composition of the finned tube radiator is based on the flow direction of the air , directly heat and treat the three rows of spiral finned tubes arranged side by side, and ensure the final effect of heat exchange.

    In the finned tube radiator, stainless steel or stainless steel can also be used to directly manufacture a stainless steel radiator. This radiator has stronger performance and better use effect, but in terms of the length of the unit, the heat dissipation The area of the radiator is much larger, because the mechanical tension effect is selected, so the direct contact area between the finned tube for heat dissipation and the radiator is relatively large.

    Therefore, the heat transfer performance of this finned tube radiator is relatively good and very stable, and the resistance of air passing by is also small. When steam or hot water flows through the steel pipe, the heat will be directly wound around the tube. On the finned tubes, the air transmitted to the fins finally achieves the purpose of cooling and heating.

    In fact, the overall energy-saving effect of the finned tube radiator is mainly based on the entire water capacity of the radiator, the height of the radiator, the number of assembled pieces, the way of receiving, and the strength of metal heat. In terms of indicators, how to effectively ensure the effective energy saving effect at this stage?

    After long-term research on water finned tube radiators, it is concluded that on the inlet and outlet main pipes, it is the two sides of the radiator, or the airtight frame and installation are more convenient, and the medium of the whole work can only be steam The heat source is very high temperature resistant, and its thermal performance is relatively strong, and it is durable and durable.


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