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Cold Storage All-in-One Machine for Chicken Storage

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5hp Cold Storage Machine for Chicken Meat Storage, Export to New Zealand

5P monoblock unit

5P monoblock unit 03

An all-in-one cold storage unit is an integrated cooling, holding, refrigeration and control system used to provide a refrigerated or frozen storage environment for different types of items. When applied to chicken storage, the Coldroom All-in-One plays a role in keeping chicken stored at low temperatures, extending shelf life, and ensuring food safety.

The following are the applications and functions of the all-in-one cold storage machine in chicken storage:

1. **Temperature control:** The All-in-One Cold Storage Machine has a precise temperature control system to keep the temperature in the cold storage within the required range. For chicken, low temperature storage is critical to prevent bacterial growth and food spoilage.

2. **HUMIDITY CONTROL:** Some all-in-one coolers also feature humidity control, which can help maintain proper humidity levels to minimise moisture loss from the surface of the chicken.

3. **Air Circulation:** All-in-one coolers circulate air throughout the cooler via a fan or duct system to ensure even temperature distribution and avoid temperature differences.

4. **Air speed control:** Some Coldroom All-in-Ones can adjust the air speed to ensure an even flow of air within the coldroom to avoid hot or cold spots.

5. **Insulation:** All-in-one cold storage units usually have good insulation to prevent the external temperature from affecting the internal temperature of the cold storage.

6. **Refrigeration system:** Cold storage integrated machine contains refrigeration device inside, through the refrigeration cycle, heat will be discharged from the inside of the cold storage, so as to maintain a low temperature environment.

7. **Control system:** The All-in-One Cold Room Machine is equipped with a control system that monitors and adjusts temperature, humidity and other parameters to ensure that the internal conditions of the cold room meet the requirements for food storage.

When applying the Cold Storage All-in-One Machine to chicken storage, you need to select and configure the appropriate equipment according to the storage needs, temperature requirements and environmental conditions of the chicken. Proper installation, regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to ensure the efficiency and food safety of the all-in-one cold storage unit. This helps to ensure that chicken remains fresh, sterile and hygienically compliant during storage.


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