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Cold Room Air Coolers Made by Vrcooler CST are Ready for Shipment!

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Vrcooler CST manufactured cold room air coolers are ready for shipment!

Cold storage evaporator is a evaporator for cold room and other refrigeration equipment, which is a kind of heat exchanger equipment.

Features of Evaporator

1) With hydrophilic or white aluminum coil inside
2) Copper pipe: diameter 8.9mm or9.0mm, 12mm or 14.5mm , smooth tube
3) Suitable for R134A, R22, R404A, R407C refrigerant or other
4) Gas examination under 3.0Mpa air pressure to ensure the tightness.
5) Widely used in refrigeration industry, cold room and other cooling system.
6) Customized sample or drawing is highly welcome in our factory.
7) Complete  producing procedure: plate cutting, tube bending, punching fin, expanding tube, welding, leakage test, inspection, packing

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Vrcooler CST ma ...
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