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Chemical Cleaning Steps for Air Heat Exchangers

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Chemical cleaning steps for air heat exchangers

The chemical cleaning of the air heat exchanger is mainly to restore its heat exchange capacity. When the heat exchange performance of the heat exchanger is attenuated, it should be aware of the heat transfer resistance that may be caused by fouling. At this time, open the heat exchanger connection flange for visual inspection. If it is confirmed that it is due to dirt, it is necessary to chemically clean the inner wall of the air heat exchanger.

 Air heat exchanger is an important equipment for air to exchange cold and heat. Cooling or heating air is carried out by feeding hot and cold medium. With high temperature water, steam, heat transfer oil can be used to heat the air. With cooling water, chilled water can cool or condense air. Therefore, air heat exchangers are widely used in various industries such as textiles, machinery, electronics, painting and baking paint, medicine, and food. Wherever air temperature needs to be adjusted and air heat and cold exchange is required, an air heat exchanger is generally required.

finned tube air heat exchanger

Chemical cleaning steps for air heat exchangers:

First of all, we should understand the air heat exchanger. It is a heat exchange device that heats or cools air through a heat exchange medium. If low-temperature water is introduced, the air can be cooled; if high-temperature heat sources, such as steam, high-temperature water or heat transfer oil, are introduced, the air can be heated. Therefore, it is widely used in light industry, construction, machinery, textile, printing and dyeing, electronics, food and metallurgical coating industries, and can be used for hot air heating, cooling, condensation, dehumidification and drying operations.

     After long-term use of the air heat exchanger, due to various factors such as precipitation, chemical reaction, etc., the air heat exchanger will produce fouling. It is necessary to use chemical cleaning to clean the dirt in the tube and restore the heat transfer effect of the air heat exchanger.

finned tube air heat exchanger

The cleaning steps of the air heat exchanger are as follows:

1. Isolate the equipment system, and then drain the accumulated water in the heat exchanger.

2. The closed system uses high-pressure water to clean the pipeline.

3. Ball valves should be installed on the isolation valve and the exchanger, and then the transfer pump and connecting pipe should be connected, so that the cleaning agent can enter from the bottom of the heat exchanger and flow out from the top.

4. through the cleaning agent, repeated cycle cleaning. During this process, gas will be generated, and the vent valve should be opened to discharge the excess gas to leave more space. At this time, you can add an appropriate amount of water, but not too much to prevent overflow.

The above is the entire chemical cleaning process. After the cleaning is completed, a pressure test and necessary inspections are required to ensure that there is no leakage of the air heat exchanger due to chemical cleaning. When the pressure test is completed, the air heat exchanger can be put into normal use.


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