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Boiler Economizers

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Vrcoolertech has supplied boiler economiser to a client from Philippines, designed and manufactured as per the parameters provided by the client.


Make-up Water Temp. - 25-27 deg C

Flue Gas Temp. - 220-240 deg C

Desired Feed Water Temp. - 60-70 deg C

Flow Rate of water to be heated is 100LPM,

Boiler capacity is 1000BHp, 12 in diameter Stack capacity, it is not pressurized and the fuel to be used is diesel.

Boiler Economizers

A boiler economiser is an important boiler accessory used to improve energy efficiency and fuel utilisation in coal or gas fired boilers. It reduces boiler fuel consumption and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by recovering heat from the flue gas and transferring it to the feed water of the boiler. Here is some key information about boiler economisers:

The main function of a boiler economiser is to recover the waste heat from the flue gas before it exits the boiler. It is usually located in the flue of the boiler, where the high temperature heat from the flue gas is transferred to the pipes or surfaces in the economiser before the flue gas passes through. The medium in the economiser, usually the boiler feed water, then passes through these pipes or surfaces and absorbs the heat from the flue gases, thereby warming and preheating the feed water.

The main functions of a boiler economiser include:

Improved efficiency: recovering waste heat from the flue gas can significantly improve the energy efficiency of a boiler. This means that less fuel will be used to produce the same amount of steam or hot water, thus reducing energy costs.

Reduced Emissions: By utilising heat more efficiently, boiler economisers help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the combustion process, reducing the impact on the environment.

Extend boiler life: By reducing the boiler's workload and corrosive substances in the flue gas, boiler economisers also help to extend the life of the boiler.

There are various types of boiler economisers, including:

Air preheaters: used to preheat the air and then introduce the preheated air into the combustion chamber to improve combustion efficiency.

Water/steam heaters: used to warm up the feed water or steam to the boiler, increasing boiler efficiency.

Flue gas cooler: Used to cool a portion of the heat in the flue gas to prevent condensation and corrosion problems.

Boiler economisers are widely used in a variety of industrial and commercial boiler systems, including power plants, chemical plants, manufacturing, HVAC systems, and boiler systems in large buildings.


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