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Ammonia Unit Cooler for Cold Room Is Ready to Ship

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Vrcooler CST Ammonia Unit Cooler for Cold Room Is Ready to Ship

1. Rational Design

·Experienced engineers use Italian advanced design software to design, meeting the demand accurately ·Product suitable to the latest refrigerant such as R410A, CO2, ammonia, glycol and other special refrigerants are available ·Pipeline design adopts the direct oil return and counter-current heat exchanger to avoid the accumulation of refrigeration oil, which make full use of the heat transfer area, improve the heat exchange efficiency and ensure the degree of superheat

2. Reliable raw materials

·The fans of air cooler are famous brand ZIEHL-ABEGG and EMB, reasonably match with the gap between blades and blast rings, and the design of hyperbolic air duct to achieve the maximum effect ·Copper tubes are multi-tooth and internal thread with high-efficiency. The copper rate is more than 99.9%. All of these increase the surface area and heat transfer efficiency. ·Shell material of air cooler is 3003 aluminum alloy or DC51-D+180g. The paint is outdoor type and treated with high-temperature curing, which makes the shell high in strength and anti-corrosion.

3. Quality control in all

·Management of factory was approved by ISO9001-2008 and product quality control is through all courses ·Quality control in all: incoming quality control process inspection, finished product inspection.

4. Various choices

·Provide multiple models and size, choices of fin and coil type to meet the demands of different applications ·A variety of anti-corrosion treatment products, stainless steel products and other customized products are available

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