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All-welded heat exchanger structure

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All-welded heat exchanger structure

The welded plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of: heat transfer plates, welded end plates, pressure plates at both ends, clamping bolts, etc.

A, heat transfer plate

The heat transfer plate is the main heat exchanger element, generally corrugated into a herringbone, according to the fluid medium, the material of the heat transfer plate is different, made of stainless steel.

B, the clamping bolt

Clamping bolts are mainly used to fasten the role of the two ends of the pressure plate. Clamping bolts are generally double-headed thread, pre-tightening bolts, so that the torque of the fixed plate piece is uniform.

C, hanging frame

The main purpose is to support the heat exchanger plate so that it can be disassembled, cleaned and assembled easily.

Working principle

Fully welded plate heat exchanger is a heat transfer device consisting of many corrugated heat transfer plates, which are sealed by welding at certain intervals. When the plates are assembled, two groups are arranged alternately, and the plates are sealed by welding between them. The plates are internally herringbone corrugated plates, which enable the fluid to form turbulence at low flow rates to achieve the effect of enhanced heat transfer. The two heat transfer media flow into their respective flow channels, forming counter-current or parallel flow through each plate for heat exchange.


(1) Small volume and small footprint.

(2) High heat transfer efficiency.

(3) Low metal consumption.

(4) Low heat loss.

(5) High withstanding pressure and temperature.

(6) Slightly worse heat transfer efficiency than detachable plate heat exchangers.

(7) Compared to the detachable plate heat exchanger, it is not detachable, and the design area of the early part of how much, later, such as increased capacity or increased use, the heat exchanger are not possible to increase the area, can only replace the entire equipment.

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