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Agricultural Greenhouse Heating Options With Finned Tube

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Greenhouses used for growing vegetables are most afraid of encountering continuous cloudy days or extremely cold weather, in which case the temperature inside the greenhouse is very low and vegetables are prone to frost damage or even dead plants. In order to cope with extreme weather, the general greenhouse should have a temporary heating backup program in case of emergency.

The special heating finned tube for vegetable and flower greenhouses is the most efficient and energy-saving way of temperature control for greenhouse production and cultivation. Changzhou VRcoolertech can customize the size of the finned tube heat exchangers according to the specifications of the greenhouse and the heat exchange area.

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The Agricultural greenhouse finned tube heat exchanger has the characteristics of easy installation and maintenance, high heat dissipation efficiency, affordable and durable, and high pressure bearing. It is suitable for the heating system with hot water or steam as the medium. It is the choice of large flowers and vegetable greenhouses for winter heating.

Vrcooler's finned tubes are mainly suitable for heating large greenhouses, plants and livestock breeding. The surface is treated with hot-dip zinc, which eliminates thermal resistance and increases corrosion resistance, and the smooth surface reduces water flow resistance, with a service life of 8-12 years.

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