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Advantages of plate gas to gas heat exchanger

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Advantages of plate gas to gas heat exchanger

The traditional tubular air-to-air heat exchanger is an air-to-air heat exchange equipment used in the early days. Its main disadvantages are heat pipe failure, easy corrosion, air leakage, dust and coking, and it is difficult to meet the needs of large-scale production equipment. The plate-type air-to-air heat exchanger has a compact structure, easy to realize large-scale, high heat transfer efficiency, low pressure drop, less dead zone, not easy to accumulate dust, long service life, and convenient maintenance.

plate gas to gas heat exchanger Features

High heat exchange efficiency: Based on the application of the pillow-shaped heat transfer plate, the medium inside and outside the plate has the conditions to realize countercurrent heat transfer and achieve a better turbulent flow state, making the heat exchanger have a higher heat transfer coefficient.

Wide channel, dust-resistant: the pillow-shaped plate spacing can be made larger or smaller according to the degree of pollution of the flue gas, and the natural curved surface of the pillow-shaped plate surface is not easy to accumulate dust and dirt, making the pillow-shaped plate flue gas heat exchanger very suitable for dirt, Dusty environment.

Low wind resistance and small pressure drop: the flue gas flows in a sinusoidal state outside the plate, and the structure of the plate group is arranged in parallel, so that the wind resistance of the heat exchanger is much lower than that of the traditional heat exchanger.

Easy to clean: The cleaning door can be designed on the flue gas side, and the parallel arrangement of the plates makes the cleaning work very convenient.

heat pipe air preheater

plate gas to gas heat exchanger Application field

Dirty and dusty exhaust gas heating/cooling/waste heat recovery

High temperature exhaust gas heating/cooling/waste heat recovery

Exhaust gas whitening

Exhaust gas condensation / deodorization

Flue gas heat exchange occasions with high requirements for flue gas pressure drop

Flue gas heat exchange occasions with limited installation space


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