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server motherboard, CPU, memory and other components immersion liquid phase change cooling system

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With increasing computing power and performance demands, technological advancements such as AI, IoT, and machine learning, the temperature of data center infrastructure and IT equipment continues to rise. More computing means more energy, more energy means more heat, more heat means more cooling, which in turn consumes more energy, and so on.

Given the inefficiencies of traditional air cooling systems, as well as sustainability-focused design goals, national policy controls, rising electricity costs, and technical demands to cool CPUs and GPUs, the need for more efficient, lower-power cooling systems is Obvious.

Some experts predict that liquid cooling solutions will be the future of high-performance computing cooling. The global immersion liquid cooling market is expected to grow from $243 million this year to $700 million by 2026. This is due to the construction of more and more data centers and the growing demand for cost-effective and environmentally friendly cooling solutions.

Liquid cooling is an emerging technology in computer cooling that can handle greater power densities, runs clean, quiet, and costs far less than traditional air cooling. Research shows that the high performance computing segment holds the second largest share of the immersion liquid cooling market.

Traditional servers use air to take away the heat generated by the heating elements in the chassis, resulting in high cooling energy consumption, high noise and low equipment density. The problems of high energy consumption and low performance that cannot be solved by air cooling can be significantly improved by liquid cooling technology.

standard 40kw dry cooler

Cold plate liquid cooling

That is, the working fluid is used as an intermediate heat transfer medium, and the heat is transferred from the hot zone to a distant place for cooling. In this technology, the working liquid is separated from the object to be cooled, and the working liquid is not in direct contact with electronic devices, but the heat of the object to be cooled is transferred to the refrigerant through high-efficiency heat conduction components such as liquid cooling plates. It is called indirect liquid cooling technology. This technology guides the coolant directly to the heat source. At the same time, because the specific heat of liquid is larger than that of air, the heat dissipation rate is much higher than that of air, so the cooling efficiency is much higher than that of air-cooled heat dissipation. It can effectively solve the heat dissipation problem of high-density servers and reduce the energy consumption and noise of the cooling system.

Cold plate liquid cooling server features:

Better energy-saving: The energy consumption of the overall computer room air conditioning system is reduced by 70%; the power consumption of the server fan is reduced by 70% to 80%; the liquid cooling system can achieve natural cooling throughout the year, PUE<1.1, and the overall computer room air-liquid hybrid cooling system PUE<1.2

Higher device reliability: CPU core temperature is about 40-50°C under full load, about 30°C lower than air cooling; server system temperature is about 20°C lower than air cooling

Better performance: CPU and memory operating temperature is greatly reduced, overclocking can be achieved, and computer cluster performance can be improved by 5%

Lower noise: The water circulation noise of the liquid cooling part is extremely low, the fan speed of the air cooling part is reduced, the noise is reduced, and the noise is reduced by about 30dB, and the noise of full load operation is less than 60dB.

Power density improvement: The power density of a single cabinet can reach more than 25KW, which is greatly improved compared to the air-cooled heat dissipation method.

Immersion liquid cooling

Immersion phase change liquid cooling server, in the immersion liquid phase change cooling system, the server motherboard, CPU, memory and other components with high heat generation are completely immersed in the refrigerant. cause the temperature of the refrigerant to rise. When the temperature of the refrigerant rises to the boiling point corresponding to the pressure of the system, the refrigerant working medium undergoes a phase change, from liquid to gaseous state, and heat transfer is realized by absorbing heat through the heat of vaporization. technology. The immersion phase change liquid cooling technology uses the liquid phase change to directly take away the heat, which reduces the thermal resistance of the heat transfer process. The most energy-efficient and efficient emerging cooling mode in the world.

40kw dry cooler for immersion cooling

Advantages of liquid cooling

The reasons for using liquid cooling in various fields vary, such as supporting higher power density; reducing the cost of data centers; improving energy efficiency, etc.

Extendable power range

In the data economy, where IT resources often exceed available capacity, immersion liquid cooling reduces power consumption and increases computing power. Liquid cooling units use less power and allow the servers themselves to run more efficiently, while also housing more computers, reducing the need to build a data center.

Reduce capital expenditure

The upfront cost of building a traditional air-cooled data center is high: From building design to installation of air handlers and chillers, raised floors and other requirements can make new data center construction difficult. Liquid cooling can cut capital expenditures in half by eliminating the need for all air-handling infrastructure in traditional air-cooled data centers. At the same time, due to the smaller footprint, it can also reduce the capital expenditure to build the data center itself.

higher energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is the ultimate determinant of data center functionality, and using liquid cooling is much better than using air. Many server applications that are gaining momentum today are GPU-intensive, exceeding the limits of available power. Immersion liquid cooling technology can cut energy consumption in half, greatly increasing the efficiency of data centers and opening up new avenues of possibilities. Using power more efficiently can save money, increase server density, and protect scarce resources in the environment.

Application of liquid cooling

Liquid cooling has been widely used in traditional air cooling, which is difficult to adequately cool, and has subtly demonstrated its value in various fields of high-density computing.


High-performance computing (HPC) requires a lot of energy for the processor itself as well as for cooling. Traditional data centers are often so loud that hearing protection is required, liquid cooling can operate silently while saving about half the cost of infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Because artificial intelligence uses powerful processors that require a lot of parallel computing, use a lot of power equipment and generate heat, the power consumption is several times the average. Therefore, AI data centers need to become larger to accommodate these demands. The real-time processing of AI pushes processors to their limits, and liquid cooling exceeds these limits, enabling faster, smarter computing.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain is rapidly expanding beyond cryptocurrencies. Scaling networks such as those used to validate data requires a lot of computation; the heat generated by complex mathematical calculations is more efficiently dissipated by liquid cooling. To generate profits, blockchain applications need to minimize the power consumption where they operate.


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