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flue gas waste heat recovery device

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Boiler economizer (also known as flue gas waste heat recovery device) is mainly used for waste heat recovery of boiler flue gas and waste heat in industry, and is the main equipment of flue exhaust. There is a large amount of heat energy directly exhausted in production, which wastes energy and pollutes the environment. This equipment is to recycle the wasted heat energy, improve energy utilization, both in line with the national environmental protection and energy saving theme, but also to gain enterprise cost economy.

【Two kinds of heat exchange mode】

1、Gas-gas heat exchange method, extracting heat energy from high temperature waste smoke to produce new air for production or heating needs.

air to air heat exchanger (3)

2、Gas-water heat exchange method, extract heat energy from high temperature waste smoke to produce hot water (oil), hot water for pot replenishment water (oil) or living bath water or back for industrial production.

finned tube heat exchanger for heat recovery (5)

Boiler energy saver pipe fittings are made of stainless steel string piece tube, stainless steel winding piece tube and high-frequency welded tube, the frame is made of stainless steel, the pressure of the hot medium is below 2.2Mpa, and the heat temperature is generally not recommended to exceed 350℃. Heat sink tube and heat sink are wound by special winding machine, close and stable contact, good heat transfer performance, corrosion resistance, long service life, beautiful appearance, easy to install and easy to manage.

【Product Application】

Chemical, petrochemical, building materials, light textile, metallurgy, power, food, paper, electronic appliances and other industries, from the emission of waste heat, flue gas to extract heat energy, used to generate hot air, hot water or hot oil back to industrial production, so as to achieve high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection purposes.

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