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evaporative cooling can significantly improve cooling system performance

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When used in conjunction with other cooling methods, evaporative cooling can significantly improve cooling system performance.

The Romans were the first to adopt adiabatic cooling. For over a millennium, engineers have combined this old idea with current technologies to create cutting-edge cooling systems.

Traditional heat rejection units, such as air-cooled condensers and fluid coolers that use ambient air to cool process fluids or gases, are only two examples of where adiabatic cooling technology is already in use and where it has intriguing potential. If the input air temperature is reduced to be closer to the wet-bulb temperature, then the cooling capacity and efficiency can be increased.

Comparing Water Spray Systems with Wetted Pad Cooling

Wetted pad cooling and water spray systems have recently been at the forefront of discussions about potential solutions. The ability to recycle and save water is a major benefit of evaporative pads over the water spray method. Our evaporative cooling systems make use of newly developed all-aluminum evaporative pads because they are resistant to corrosion, clean themselves, can be used with untreated water, and may prevent the formation of bacteria.

Water-retaining, covered finned structure is used to make all-aluminum evaporative pads, which inhibits the accumulation of mould and dirt. As water sprays out of orifices in the header pipe, it falls into a drip tray below, where it can be collected and used again. Due to the pads' labyrinthine shape, droplet eliminators are unnecessary at air velocities up to 3m/s. Saturation efficiency can go up to 90% at air velocities of up to 2 m/s.

A water tank, water quality tester, and controls are all part of the water supply module, which is placed in an outdoor enclosure and may be refilled from a potable water supply as needed.

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