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Where are the coils on an AHU?

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Where are the coils on an AHU?

The coils in an AHU (air handling unit) are typically located inside the unit, and their specific location within the unit may vary depending on the specific design and application of the unit. However, in most cases, the coils are located downstream of the unit's air filter and upstream of the unit's supply air fan.

The supply air fan pulls air through the AHU, which passes over the coils. The coils may be arranged in different configurations depending on the specific HVAC system and the application, but they are typically located in a section of the AHU housing that is accessible for maintenance and cleaning.

In some cases, the AHU may have multiple coils arranged in series or parallel configurations. For example, an AHU used in a commercial or industrial application may have multiple chilled water coils connected in series to provide additional cooling capacity. Conversely, an AHU used in a residential application may have a single coil for cooling and dehumidification.

The location of the coils within the AHU is an important factor in the performance of the HVAC system. Proper airflow over the coils is necessary to achieve the desired level of cooling and dehumidification, and proper maintenance and cleaning of the coils is necessary to ensure optimal system performance and energy efficiency.

Coil on AHU


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