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When is a dry cooler better than a conventional cooling tower?

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When is a dry cooler better than a conventional cooling tower?

Dry coolers are more suitable than conventional cooling towers in the following situations:

Water shortage: Traditional cooling towers need a lot of water to dissipate heat, while dry coolers can dissipate heat through the air without additional water sources and treatment equipment, so they are more suitable for use in water shortage areas or production environments.

Lower ambient temperature: the traditional cooling tower in the case of high ambient temperature, the cooling efficiency will be reduced, while the dry cooler will not be affected by the ambient temperature, so in the lower ambient temperature areas or seasons, dry cooler is more suitable for use.

Need for higher cooling efficiency: the cooling efficiency of traditional cooling tower is relatively low, it needs a larger cooling area and faster wind speed to achieve the same cooling effect, while the dry cooler can increase the cooling area and wind speed to improve the cooling efficiency, so in the need for higher cooling efficiency, the dry cooler is more suitable for use.

Requires less maintenance: Traditional cooling towers require regular water quality monitoring, maintenance and cleaning, whereas dry coolers do not require such additional maintenance work, and are therefore more suitable for use where less maintenance is required.

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