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What temperature do you need to grow marijuana?

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What temperature do you need to grow marijuana?

Cannabis plants require a specific temperature range to grow and thrive. Here are some guidelines for the temperature ranges needed for different growth stages:

Germination: During the germination stage, cannabis seeds need a temperature range of 21-27°C to germinate properly.

Seedling stage: During the seedling stage, which is the first two to three weeks of growth, the ideal temperature range is 21-24°C during the day and 18-21°C at night.

Growing Phase: During the growing phase, which lasts four to eight weeks, the ideal temperature range is 21-29°C during the day and 15-21°C at night.

Flowering Period: During the flowering period, which lasts six to twelve weeks, the ideal temperature range is 18-26°C during the day and 13-18°C at night.

It is important to note that maintaining the proper temperature range is critical for healthy plant growth, and fluctuations outside of these ranges can lead to stunted growth, reduced yields, and even plant death.

Growers should monitor the temperature of their growing space with a thermometer and adjust their climate control system accordingly to maintain the proper temperature range.

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