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What is the principle of a tube fin evaporator?

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What is the principle of a tube fin evaporator?

A tube fin evaporator is the entire physical and chemical process of converting a liquid into a vapour state. Generally speaking, a fin evaporator is an object that converts a liquid chemical into a vapour state. There are many finned evaporators in industrial production, one of which is the finned evaporator used in refrigeration units. The fin evaporator is a very important component of the four cooling components. According to the evaporator, ultra-low temperature cold suspect liquid and external gas to complete the heat exchanger, evaporation heat absorption reaction, to achieve the actual effect of cooling. The key to the evaporator is composed of a heating chamber and an evaporation chamber. The heating chamber provides the liquid with the heat required for evaporation to promote liquid combustion and gasification; the evaporation chamber separates the liquid and gas completely.

The vapour produced in the heating chamber contains a large amount of liquid foam. After reaching the evaporation chamber, which has a larger interior space, the liquid is separated from the vapour by its own condensation or by a screen foam remover. The screen foam remover is usually built on top of the evaporation chamber.

tube fin evaporator

Depending on the actual operating pressure, tube fin evaporators are divided into three types: natural pressure, charge pressure and relief pressure.

The movement conditions of the solution in the evaporator are classified as

① Circulation.

According to the heating surface of the heating chamber, burning away the solution, such as intermediate circulation system tube type, hanging basket type, external fast heat type, Levin type, forced propulsion type, etc.

②One-row type.

According to the heating surface of the heating chamber, burning open the solution at one time, no circulation system mobility, that is, the discharge of the extraction solution, such as ascending tube type, descending film type, mixed plastic film type, centrifugal plastic film type, etc.

③ Direct contact type.

Heating material and solution direct contact heat transfer, such as immersion ignition evaporator. Evaporation equipment requires a large amount of heating steam in actual operation. In order to save heating steam, multi-effect evaporation equipment and vapour compression evaporators can be used. Evaporators are generally used in chemical plants, light industry and other units.


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