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What is the difference between a surface cooler and a finned radiator?

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What is the difference between a surface cooler and a finned radiator?

Surface cooler

The surface cooler performs the heat and moisture exchange of the air cooler under the influence of the temperature difference between the main air and the boundary layer air in close contact with the outer surface of the heat exchanger and the partial pressure of water vapor. It can realize two airflow processing processes: when the boundary layer airflow temperature is lower than the main airflow temperature, the dehumidification cooling process or wet cooling process (wet state) will occur; when the boundary layer air temperature is lower than the main air temperature, when the temperature Above its peak, an isothermal cooling process (drying conditions) will occur.

During dehumidification and cooling, there is not only a temperature difference between the boundary layer airflow and the main airflow, but also a water vapor partial pressure difference. Therefore, not only the heat exchange but also the air flow accompanying the moisture exchange passes through the surface of the heat exchanger. It can be seen that the air cooler in wet condition has a larger heat exchange capacity than the dry condition, or the same air cooler has the same air temperature and water temperature. The higher the current air temperature, the greater the cooling and dehumidifying capacity of the air cooler. It can be seen that the heat exchange capacity of the surface cooler in a humid environment is stronger than that in a dry environment. In other words, for the same surface cooler, when the ambient air humidity and water temperature remain unchanged, the higher the air temperature The greater the cooling capacity of the cooler.

surface air cooler

Finned Radiator

The finned radiator is mainly composed of three rows of parallel helical finned tube bundles flowing between the directions of air flow. The processing technology of SRZ type heat dissipation fin tube bundle is a mechanical winding method of winding 0.5*10mm reverse steel strip on 18mm seamless steel pipe. Then, hot dip galvanized, stainless steel tubing and stainless steel tape can also be used to dissipate heat from all stainless steel. SRL type radiator is a radiator with fins, which is rolled by steel pipe and aluminum strip, and its heat dissipation area per unit length is larger than that of SRZ type.

Due to the mechanical winding of the fin heat exchanger, the contact surface between the fins and the heat pipes is large and close, the heat transfer performance is good, the ventilation resistance is small, the steam or hot water flows through the steel pipe, and the heat passes through the steel pipe. The upper fins are passed through the fins into the air to heat and cool the air.

finned tube radiator


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