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What is remote radiator?

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When the generator set is installed into a basement in a suboptimal working environment, or a marine diesel engine. In computer rooms where the intake air is subject to environmental restrictions, we can use a heat exchanger cooling system. The heat generated by the diesel engine is cooled by the cooling water in the heat exchanger, and the cooling water (about 70°C) that has passed the heat exchanger is sent to the external water tower or water tank radiator by the water pump for remote cooling. The water (about 50°C) flows back into the heat exchanger to complete the cooling cycle.

remote radiator for generator set

The split radiator system employs a heat exchanger on the engine, where the heat exchanger acts as an intermediary heat exchange, separating the engine cooling system from the high hydrostatic head of the split radiator. The engine's own pump circulates the coolant within the engine and heat exchanger, and a separate pump circulates the coolant between the split radiator and the heat exchanger box.

Remote Radiator for Genset


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