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What is immersion cooling for data centers?

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Immersion cooling is a type of data center cooling technology that involves immersing servers, storage systems, and other IT equipment in a non-conductive liquid. This liquid is typically a dielectric fluid that does not conduct electricity and is intended to dissipate heat from the equipment efficiently.

In immersion cooling, the liquid comes into direct contact with the IT equipment's heat-generating components, such as CPUs and GPUs, and absorbs the heat they generate. The heated liquid is then circulated to a heat exchanger, where it is dissipated via natural or forced convection. After cooling, the liquid is recirculated back to the equipment, completing the cooling loop.

Immersion cooling outperforms traditional air-cooling systems in several ways. First, because liquids transfer heat much more efficiently than air, immersion cooling can reduce energy consumption and cooling costs by up to 95%. Second, it eliminates the need for servers to have fans and other moving parts, lowering the risk of hardware failure and increasing reliability. Finally, immersion cooling can help reduce data center footprint by increasing the density of IT equipment that can be deployed in a given space.

However, there are some disadvantages to immersion cooling. Maintaining and managing the liquid requires specialized equipment and infrastructure, and there is a risk of liquid leakage or contamination. 

Furthermore, it may not be appropriate for all types of IT equipment, such as hard disk drives, which may not be able to withstand immersion in the cooling liquid.

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