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What is an explosion proof electric motor of dry cooler or an evaporator?

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Explosion-proof fans are used in flammable and explosive gas places to avoid safety accidents caused by some flammable and explosive materials.

In the fan application, when the conveyed gas contains combustible and explosive substances, dust, flue gas or fast-volatile substances, when the motor is short-circuited, the circuit is faulty, and the fan impeller and its components rub against sparks during the fan operation, the It will ignite and detonate the transported substances or gases, resulting in serious safety accidents and serious casualties and economic losses to the user.

The characteristics of explosion-proof fans are as follows:

1. All fan parts in contact with gas must be non-ferrous materials. Aluminum parts are generally used and can work below 250 degrees Celsius.

2. The sealing ring at the impeller and shaft through hole of the fan must be made of non-ferrous material. Generally, aluminum impellers or aluminum alloy casings are used. Can work below 250 degrees Celsius.

3. The structure of the fan must ensure that the impeller or shaft rubs against its components without producing any sparks when it moves badly. The motor adopts an explosion-proof special motor that meets the requirements of national certification. When there is a short circuit, wire breakdown, or overload in the motor, it will fail. High temperature sparks and smoke will not be emitted.

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