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What is a free cooling unit?

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What is a free cooling unit?

A free cooling unit is an air conditioning system that uses outside air to cool the interior of a building rather than mechanical refrigeration. To provide cooling, free cooling units use the natural temperature difference between the outside and inside air.

Vrcooler provides dry coolers for the free cooling system.

Free cooling units are typically designed to operate in climates where the outdoor temperature is lower than the indoor temperature. This is accomplished through the use of a dry cooler, which transfers heat from the inside air to the outside air. As a result, the indoor air temperature is reduced, and the need for mechanical refrigeration is reduced.

Free cooling units can be integrated into an existing HVAC system or used independently. They are frequently used in data centers, where cooling accounts for a significant portion of energy consumption, and the use of free cooling can help reduce operating costs. They can also be used in other commercial and industrial settings that require cooling.

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