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What is a Free Cooling Fluid Dry cooler?

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This system keeps all refrigeration cycle components in one enclosure (indoor unit) but replaces the bulky condensing coil with a much smaller heat exchanger, The heat exchanger uses flowing glycol  to collect heat from the refrigerant and transport it away from the space to be cooled. Heat exchangers and glycol pipes are always smaller than condensing coils found in air cooled systems because the glycol mixture has the capability to collect and transport much more heat than air does. The glycol flows via pipes to a dry cooler where the heat is rejected to the outside atmosphere. A pump package (pump, motor, and protective enclosure) is used to circulate the glycol in its loop to and from the glycol-cooled indoor unit and dry cooler (outdoor unit).

dry cooler for air conditioning system


The entire refrigeration cycle is contained inside the indoor unit as a factory-sealed and tested system for highest reliability with the same floor space requirement as the indoor unit of split system. Easy to maintain.

Glycol pipes can run much longer distances than refrigerant lines (air-cooled split system) and can service several indoor units from one dry cooler and pump package.

For applications requires cooling the entire time of the year, in cold locations, the glycol within the dry cooler can be cooled so much (below 10°C [50°F]) that it can bypass the heat exchanger in the indoor unit and flow directly to a specially installed economizer coil. Under these conditions, the refrigeration cycle is turned off and the air that flows through the economizer coil, now filled with cold flowing glycol, cools the space environment. This economizer mode, also known as “free cooling”, provides excellent operating cost reductions when used.

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