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What is a Dry Cooler

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Dry coolers are similar to air-cooled condensers, but use liquid solutions (such as water, glycol/water, or propylene glycol/water) to transfer heat in place of refrigerants and compressors.

These systems are often found in data centers that need to eliminate excess heat, but do not require a certain amount of low humidity.

Water or solution absorbs heat from space and transmits it to a dry cooler, which USES a series of condensing fans for cooling.

The remarkable advantage of such a system is that evaporation of the liquid does not occur, eliminating the need for supplementary water.

Compared with traditional direct expansion air cooling condensers, dry coolers can generally emit large amounts of heat in a smaller footprint, which may be a benefit for projects with limited floor or roof space.

Dry coolers are used in a variety of building types and applications throughout the HVAC industry, including:

The data center

The office building

Hospital/Medical building

Industrial/process systems

Heat transfer/heat storage

Power generation

Induction of cooling

Dry coolers can play an important role in helping buildings run more efficiently.

Although the device does not save energy, it can be used as a condensing unit for a heat recovery cooler.

The main function of the heat recovery cooler is to provide heat or chilled water from normally wasted energy, but it can also provide chilled water to supplement the building's main chilled water system in the event of an outage or failure.

When the heat recovery cooler is added to the cold water system, a system must be in place to remove excess heat.

This is an ideal application for a dry cooler that can be used as a condensing unit or cooling tower.

In some applications, this type of design can eliminate the need to connect water-cooled or air-cooled coolers to the building's backup power supply, potentially reducing the size of emergency generators.

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