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What humidity levels and temperatures are ideal for a marijuana crop?

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What humidity levels and temperatures are ideal for a marijuana crop?

When grown indoors, cannabis loves a reasonable room temperature, or a little warmer, that is neither too dry nor too humid. This is all that many indoor gardeners need to be concerned about. It may be because the weather is excessively hot or cold for your cannabis plants if you feel uncomfortable in your growing space.

cannabis at the ideal temperature

The ideal temperature range for cannabis cultivation is often between 68 and 77 degrees (20-25 degrees Celsius). The plant's growth slows down and its capacity for production is hampered, if not completely terminated, if the temperature in the area around it drops below 20 to 25 degrees. The plant will never reach maturity as a result. The temperature at which plants are exposed to light during the 'daytime' cycle is crucial to keep in mind. At this point, photosynthesis and capacity for growth are relevant. Moreover, there shouldn't be a lot of difference in temperature between day and night.

The plant's metabolism will quicken if the temperature rises beyond 77 degrees Celsius (25 degrees C). As a result, it requires additional ingredients, such as more light, water, carbon dioxide, and fertiliser, to mention a few. Make sure to adapt to temperature variations.

Alternatively put, the optimal temperature

In order to automatically control the temperature in the growing room, it is a good idea to buy a thermometer as well as install one on the heating or ventilation system. Automated systems also prevent CO2 deficiency and offer optimum ventilation for fresh air.

Plant growth stages: Compared to the flowering stage, young cannabis plants in the nutritional stage demand warmer weather, between 70 and 85°F (20-30°C). Find out more about when the plant growth phase occurs.

Flowering phase: To generate the optimum colour, trichome production, and scent, the environment should be kept somewhat cooler during the flowering phase (when the cannabis plant begins to germinate), between 65 and 80°F (18-26°C). The change in temperature between day and night should be 10 degrees for best effects. This is especially crucial for growing the best branches possible during flowering.

Low temperatures

When the temperature gets close to freezing, cannabis plants are not harmed by the extreme cold. Growth generally slows down in colder climates. Lower than 60°F (15°C) temperatures frequently impede plant growth, and below-freezing conditions can even cause cannabis plants to perish.

Fresh plants, especially those that are still moist, are more prone to some types of mould. Large temperature swings and warm weather can result in larger leaves, which can hinder photosynthesis.

Although plants can live in somewhat chilly climates, they never recover as quickly as those that are produced in the ideal conditions. Compared to outdoor plants, indoor plants are more susceptible to the cold.

Heat-related issues

High temperatures can impede down plant growth even if they seldom cause cannabis plants to perish. Please be aware that blossoming is slowed down by temperatures above 26°C (80°F), which also weakens the vigour and scent of the buds. During flowering, it's very crucial to regulate the room's temperature!

Too warm...

At high temperatures, cannabis is also more prone to a number of issues, such as mites, powdery mildew (particularly when wet), root rot and nutrient burning (due to greater sweating), increased stretching, wilting from a lack of oxygen in the roots, and decreased bud "odour" (as terpenes can burn at higher temperatures).


Between 40% and 70% of the atmosphere around a cannabis plant should be wet. You need a hygrometer to measure humidity. For the majority of growers, an electronic hygrometer is generally the best option. It often operates automatically and can offer greater control than humidity. Indoor cultures always benefit from it.

Ambient humidity is a crucial element (temperature can also be regulated)

The rate of plant sweating will increase if the moisture content in the plants drops below -40%. There won't be any severe repercussions. Water will be consumed by your plants more quickly. There is no issue as long as there are enough water reserves. On the other hand, your plants could develop mushrooms if the humidity is too high, especially when they are in the flowering stage. The interior quickly rots. Dehumidification by hand is unquestionably required to address the mould issue and its effects.

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