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What coils are used in AHU?

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What coils are used in AHU?

The coils used in AHUs (air handling units) can vary depending on the specific application and the type of HVAC system being used. However, the two most common types of coils used in AHUs are chilled water coils and direct expansion (DX) coils.

Chilled water coils are typically used in larger commercial or industrial HVAC systems and are connected to a central chiller plant that cools water to a low temperature. The chilled water flows through the coil, which absorbs heat from the air passing over it, resulting in cooled and dehumidified air being supplied to the building.

Direct expansion (DX) coils, on the other hand, are often used in smaller HVAC systems, such as those found in residential or small commercial buildings. This type of coil uses a refrigerant, which is circulated through the coil and evaporates as it absorbs heat from the air passing over it. The cooled and dehumidified air is then supplied to the building.

In addition to these two types of coils, AHUs may also use other types of coils for specific applications, such as hot water coils for heating or steam coils for humidification. The specific type of coil used in an AHU will depend on factors such as the size of the HVAC system, the desired indoor comfort levels, and the availability and cost of energy sources.

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