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What are the different types of steam coil?

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What are the various types of steam coils?

Standard steam coils, which are used in most reheat applications, and steam dispersing coils, which are used in situations where the entering air temperature is less than 40 F degrees, are the two types of steam coils. This sort of coil is frequently referred to as a "non-freeze" coil.

Standard Steam Coil

Normal steam coils work similarly to hot water coils, but their structure is considerably different, even if the coils look to be the same. Like a hot water coil, the supply and return connections are frequently on the same end. However, steam is not the same as hot water, and the coil must be constructed for and circuited for steam. Remember that steam is usually more corrosive than hot water. Steam must be accounted for in the brazing and tube wall thickness. ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND that even low pressure steam is more erosive than hot water, and that a steam coil should be constructed accordingly.

Steam Distributing Coil (Non-Freeze)

Because they are built as a tube within a tube, steam dispersing coils are an entirely distinct form of coil. There is an interior tube and header for every outer tube and header that you can see. The condensate in the outer tube is kept from freezing by the steam on the inner tube. The original coil design of the Steam Coil was intended to distribute steam evenly over the length of the coil and to eliminate any dead patches on the coil. This coil's byproduct was also discovered. Because the coils did not freeze as easily as normal steam coils, they were dubbed "non-freeze." Any coil can freeze under the correct conditions, but this design must be utilized when the entering air temperature is less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Steam Coil Design

Steam coil designs can be difficult. Steam coils are completely dependent on the system and installation, whilst other coils operate more independently. Traps must be properly designed and installed in the proper location and depth within the system. Vacuum breakers are frequently required in the system. The pipe must also be properly installed to ensure that only steam enters the coil and not condensate. Even with all of those variables, you'll need a properly built steam coil that matches the steam pressure, coil length, and entering air temperature. Coils can quickly freeze. When coils are excessively lengthy, steam cannot travel the length of the coil and disperse evenly. Condensate can readily become trapped somewhere in the coil, causing water hammer.

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