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What are the characteristics of finned tube heat exchangers?

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What are the characteristics of finned tube heat exchangers?

The metal thermal strength of the finned tube heat exchanger is a criterion for weighing the economy of the radiator. Metal thermal strength refers to when the average temperature of the medium in the radiator and the indoor ambient temperature difference is 1°C. The higher the heat transfer coefficient K value of the finned tube heat exchanger, the higher the heat energy released per kilogram mass of the radiator per unit time. This indicator can be used as an indicator to weigh the economy of the same material raw material radiator. Compared with finned tube heat exchangers made of different materials, finned tube heat exchangers should not be easily corroded and damaged, and have a long service life. Light pipe plug welding is a kind of radiator with high heat dissipation efficiency, high pressure bearing, environmental protection and energy saving. Its model and specification can be divided into 40--114. It is mainly used in greenhouses, large and medium-sized workshops, office The overall workshop, station, airport, coal mine, because of the thick pipe diameter, large water storage capacity, high heat dissipation, and the fin heat transfer effect is very good, which is several times or even dozens of times the heat dissipation of ordinary radiators.

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In the stage of using the finned tube heat exchanger, a very important part is to prevent its occurrence of corrosion. Therefore, in order to avoid such a situation, some corrosion-resistant materials are used in the processing stage, such as some stainless steel and aluminum alloys, all of which have very strong anti-corrosion properties.

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Under the premise that the resistance of the medium is fully considered and the vibration caused by the medium does not occur, the high flow velocity should be selected as much as possible. Compared with the medium without phase change, the heat transfer method as close as possible to the countercurrent should be used. The main purpose of this is to increase the average temperature difference and reduce the temperature stress in the structure. In addition, when circumstances permit, the inlet temperature of the finned tube heat medium can also be increased to reduce the inlet temperature of the cold medium. Choosing the appropriate tube spacing or arrangement method can not only increase the heat transfer range of the finned tubes installed per unit time, but also improve the flow characteristics, especially the heat transfer of rough tube bundles is better than that of parallel tube bundles. If the medium on one side of the heat exchange equipment has a phase change and the medium on the other side is in the gas phase, fins can be added to the heat transfer surface on one side of the gas phase to increase the heat transfer range, which will help the transfer of heat energy.

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