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What Is Glycol Evaporator?

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Glycol Evaporator

What is Glycol?

Glycol is a type of antifreeze solution commonly used in refrigeration systems. It has a lower freezing point than water, making it ideal for systems that need to operate at very low temperatures.

The Role of the Evaporator:

The glycol evaporator is the part of the refrigeration system where the heat exchange process occurs. It's responsible for absorbing heat from the area or product being cooled.

How It Works:

Heat Absorption: The glycol evaporator contains coils or tubes through which the cold glycol solution flows. This solution absorbs heat from the air, water, or product in the system.

Evaporation: As the glycol absorbs heat, it evaporates, turning from liquid to vapor. This phase change from liquid to vapor is what allows it to absorb large amounts of heat.

Cooling: The evaporation process cools the coils or tubes, which, in turn, cools the surrounding air or product.

Circulation: A pump circulates the glycol solution through the evaporator, ensuring a continuous cycle of heat absorption and cooling.

Temperature Regulation: The system's controls regulate the flow of glycol, the speed of the pump, and other factors to maintain the desired temperature in the refrigerated space.

Stainless Steel Glycol Evaporators


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