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What Is Blue Fin Condenser?

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What Is Blue Fin Condenser?

The Blue fin condenser in an anti-corrosive coat over the coils to enhance the efficiency and long life of the AC.

The Blue fin coat protects the condenser coils from the corrosion caused by harsh climate, moisture, and humidity.

Actually, the refrigeration process of an AC is a cycle of compression, condensation, expansion valve, and the evaporation. And the revolving process of this cycle place through the coils.

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Advantages Of Blue Fin Condenser

The blue fin or the blue-coated condenser fins enhance the durability of an AC.

It allows the refrigerant to transfer better heat and increases the cooling capacity of the Air Conditioner.

This has the epoxy coating on the coils which protects them from water droplets, accumulation of salt, and deposition of acid.

The blue in technology saves the AC from corrosion by keeping the dust and grime out of the coils.

This widely used in coastal areas to protect the coils from salty air.

This technology also helps in the conservation of energy in your Air Conditioner.


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