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What Does an AHU Cooled Water Coil Do?

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What does an AHU cooled water coil do?

An air handling unit (AHU) has a part called a chilled water coil that cools the air as it moves through the unit. The chilled water coil works by moving cold water through a network of small tubes that are mounted inside the AHU. As the air moves over these tubes, the cold water cools it by taking the heat out of the air.

Most of the time, the chilled water coil is connected to a chiller. The chiller cools the water that flows through the coil. The chiller can be a separate piece of equipment or it can be built into the AHU.

The air that has been cooled by the chilled water coil is then sent to different parts of a building through ductwork. Large commercial buildings, like office buildings, hospitals, and shopping malls, often use chilled water coils to cool the building quickly and effectively.

AHU water coil

The chilled water coil does more than just cool the air. It also helps remove moisture from the air. As the air moves over the cold surface of the chilled water coil, moisture in the air condenses on the surface of the coil and drains away from the coil. This process lowers the humidity in the air, which is important for keeping an indoor space comfortable.

The chilled water coil can be made in different ways, depending on what the AHU and air conditioning system need. The cooling load, air flow rate, and temperature needs of the system will determine the size, shape, and number of coils used.

It is important to take care of the chilled water coil to make sure it works well. Dirt, dust, and other things that can hurt the coil's performance can build up if it isn't cleaned and checked regularly. Proper water treatment is also important to keep scale or corrosion from building up on the coil's surface.

Overall, the chilled water coil is an important part of an AHU that helps keep the air inside cool and healthy by removing moisture from the air as it moves through the unit.


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