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Waste heat recovery device at the tail of natural gas boiler

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Gas boiler condensing economizer that is the natural gas boiler tail waste heat recovery device. Flue gas flowing through the heat exchanger continuously heats the heat exchanger tube, the water inside the tube flows in the opposite direction to the flue gas flow, the water inside the tube can quickly absorb the heat of the flue gas, thus reducing the exhaust temperature and Increase the temperature of the boiler or production water. 

For this system of heat exchanger device is called energy saver, generally for the tube type (mostly stainless steel tube type), the company's energy saver design novel, the first to adopt the flue outside the welding tube technology, all the interface of the heat exchanger tube is in the flue on both sides, the internal flue without welding mouth, so as to avoid the welded mouth of the coal saver tube long-term operating conditions in the flue constantly changing thermal stress, improve the operational reliability of the equipment. 

Even if leakage occurs after long time use, it will not affect the use of the boiler and can be inspected and repaired quickly. The body of the energy saver is made of high quality insulation material, which reduces the heat dissipation of the equipment and can effectively reduce the temperature of the environment.

Desulfurization, denitration flue gas heat exchanger (8)

In order to increase the degree of turbulence and increase the heat exchange area, the interior of the boiler energy saver is composed of many tiny stainless steel fins. This can effectively increase the heat transfer efficiency while reducing the weight of the equipment. If only the ordinary tube structure is used, the heat transfer area will be much smaller and the heat transfer efficiency will be greatly reduced.

Natural gas boilers emit flue gas with a large content of water vapor, which will be retrofitted with a condensing gas boiler economizer to lower the flue gas temperature and recover the latent heat of vaporization released by water vapor, which can increase the boiler efficiency by about 10%. The flue gas of natural gas boilers is relatively clean, and the sulfur content is extremely low and negligible, so the use of condensing flue gas waste heat recovery heat exchange equipment to reuse the flue gas of gas boilers is reasonable and energy-saving

Our company produces boiler energy saver for BGL type, which uses spiral winding on the tube to increase the heat transfer efficiency, stainless steel material can effectively prevent corrosion and extend the service life of the equipment.


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