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Waste Heat Recovery from Air Compressors

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Waste heat recovery from air compressors

Air compressor heat recovery is a technology that uses waste heat from air compressors to improve energy efficiency by converting waste heat into usable energy. The following is how a common air compressor heat recovery system works:

Whereas waste heat generated by a compressor is normally distributed through a cooling system, an air compressor heat recovery system achieves energy recovery by capturing, storing and reusing this waste heat.

The system typically includes a heat exchanger to capture the waste heat from the compressor's cooling system.

A heat exchanger is a device that transfers heat without mixing fluids. In this process, the cooling medium in the cooling system (usually water or heat transfer oil) flows through the heat exchanger and absorbs the heat generated by the compressor.

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Once the cooling medium has absorbed the heat, it can enter another heat recovery system, such as an engine cooling water circuit or a manufacturing process that requires heating.

In the target system, the cooling medium releases the stored heat to complete the required heating process.

Through this heat recovery process, the waste heat from the air compressor is reused, thus increasing the efficiency of energy use. This reduces the need for other energy sources, reduces energy consumption and operating costs, and reduces the environmental impact. Air compressor heat recovery technology is an energy efficient and environmentally friendly solution that is widely used in industrial and commercial applications.


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