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Vrcoolertech Provide 2 Sets 70000CMH Rooftop Air Conditioner For Factory

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Vrcoolertech provides 2 sets of 70,000CMH rooftop direct expansion air conditioning units for the production workshop of the automobile factory.

The rooftop air-conditioning unit is an air-cooled direct expansion type. 

Through the combination of a refrigeration system, a control system, and different air treatment functional sections, it can realize the functions of refrigeration, heating, dehumidification, humidification, air purification, sterilization and disinfection. 

The unit has a wide range of cooling capacity, no cooling water system is required, and a dedicated machine room, complicated cooling towers, water pumps, and corresponding pipelines and control devices are omitted. 

The unit is generally installed on the roof or other outdoor locations in the open air without a dedicated machine room, which greatly reduces civil construction costs; in addition, the installation of rooftop air conditioners is extremely simple, and it needs to be connected to the air duct and can be operated when the power supply is provided, which also saves installation and maintenance costs. 

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